Stay informed and be safe. We encourage you to review the following section on how to prevent online fraud.

How we protect you:

Learn more about what we do to protect your information.

Security Infrastructure:

Our Internet Banking system is protected by:

  • Firewalls – used to deny unwanted access to our networks by establishing rules that follow our security policies.
  • Secure transmissions – when you sign on to Online Banking, the information sent is encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This way the information can only be read by us.

Security Personnel

Our Internet Banking system is protected by:

  • Fraud prevention – Fraud prevention specialists monitor unusual account activity and alert customers in order to take quick action if necessary.
  • Intrusion Detection – Specialists continuously test to detect potential vulnerabilities, to help us ensure no unauthorized person or robot can access your private information.

How to protect yourself:

Follow the tips below to help prevent fraud on your accounts.
  • Never share personal or financial information (user name, password, social security, etc).
  • Do not answer or follow links on suspicious e-mails that request your personal information (passwords, username, or PIN). View an example of a fraudulent e-mail.
  • Change your passwords regularly and never use your social security number, address, name, date of birth or e-mail address as part of them.
  • Always sign off when completing your transactions through Internet Banking.
  • Monitor your accounts frequently by signing on to Internet Banking.

How to protect your computer

  • Install anti-virus software to protect your computer from viruses that may damage your data, crash your computer, and gain access to your computer. Set the software to receive automatic updates.
  • Set your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and operation system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) to receive automatic updates from the developer.
  • Make sure your firewall protection feature, which helps block external access to your computer, is always turned on.

Victim of fraud?

Call us immediately at 1-800-377-0800
Send any suspicious e-mail to:

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