Mix and Match Money Markets and CDs

Live your best life. Open the accounts you need to create a savings plan that works for you.

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It might sound like a new strategy, but it isn’t. It’s actually an approach that is often used by many knowledgeable investors. Now is the perfect time to open a Money Market and CD account to achieve your future goals. Our experienced advisors are ready to start you in the right direction.

Why not have it all? Mix and match Money Market and CDs:

How Anna uses Money Market and CD accounts to save her company bonus:

Daughter’s Wedding: $16,000 Money Market

Bridal Shower: $2,500 13-month CD

Bathroom Renovation: $9,000 23-month CD

How James uses Money Market and CD accounts to save his bonus:

Day Care: $10,000 Money Market

Trip to Grandma’s: $2,000 13-month CD

College Fund: $5,000 23-month CD

How Randy uses CD accounts to save his tax refund:

Egypt Trip: $7,000 17-month CD

Laptop Upgrade: $2,000 13-month CD

New Car Fund: $6,000 23-month CD

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