Private Banking, Personalized.


Our executive leadership team is committed to our customers’ success. Headed by Matthew S. Ford, Managing Director, who previously led Popular Bank’s Legal Division, this group of industry experts uses their intelligence and vision to help clients achieve their financial objectives.

Matthew S. Ford
SVP, Managing Director, Wealth Management and Private Banking

“Popular Private Client brings a new perspective and restores relevancy to what private banking has long aspired to be, by affording a diverse and upwardly mobile clientele with a truly personalized banking experience. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service, market leading products, and create a truly integrated approach to assisting our clients in the attainment of their unique and individualized financial objectives.”

Joseph Culotta
SVP, Director, Wealth Management and Private Banking

“Popular Private Client takes a team-based approach to Banking, providing proactive guidance and advice to our clientele. Our primary objective it to deliver holistic services and driving best in class solutions in Private Banking, Financial Planning and Investment Management. This personalized approach helps our clients build deep relationships with their team, ensuring they have the tools they need to achieve financial freedom.”


As your primary contact, your Private Banker will schedule regular appointments with you to understand your needs and offer personalized banking services and tailored financial solutions.


Robert J. Lee
Vice President, Private Banker, New York

Phone: 212-417-6716
NMLS # 602475

“As a Private Banker at Popular Bank, I work hard to deliver the highest level of service for my clients and their families. By having a genuine interest in their lives, it truly gives me a clear understanding of my clients' needs, which then allows me to provide the right guidance that fits each individual situation.”

Helen Chen
Vice President, Private Banker, New York & New Jersey

Phone: 212-417-6814
NMLS # 431731

“I am honored to play an important role in the lives of my clients. Through our journey together, I want to help them implement strategies that can create wealth, preserve assets, sustain their businesses, and build lasting legacies for their families. My mission is to help clients achieve success.”

David Marks
Vice President, Private Banker, New York

Phone: 201-486-3939
NMLS # 626724

“As a Private Banker at Popular Bank, I work to put my clients on the right path to be able to achieve their goals. My genuine interest in helping clients enables me to find solutions to their everyday financial needs. I love standing by their side as they navigate the journey of life!”

Eric J. Ackerman
Vice President, Private Banker, New York

Phone: 212-417-6679
NMLS # 1650787

“As a Private Banker at Popular Bank I work with a select group of clients to make sure all of their financial needs and goals are achieved by providing personalized first class service. It gives me great pleasure to be able to make a difference in each and every client's life and help them achieve their financial goals.”


Jessica Hernandez
Vice President, Private Banker, South Florida

Phone: 305-938-0117
NMLS # 943313

“At Popular Private Client, our clients are our top priority. I am dedicated to ensuring our clients experience exceptional service, while benefiting from our holistic approach towards achieving financial success.”

Michael L. Costa
Vice President, Private Banker, South Florida

Phone: 305-409-5776
NMLS # 1121603

“I offer a personalized approach, guiding you through every financial life stage. I am here to help strengthen the value of your money — today and tomorrow. Your success is my priority — whether you are looking to build wealth, focusing on what you have, or on preserving your family legacy.”

Julia Nurques
Vice President, Relationship Manager, South Florida

Phone: 786-285-2406
NMLS # 1801358

“As a Private Banking Relationship Manager, I am the lead liaison between the Head of Private Client for the Florida region and all of our clients, and am responsible for deepening and servicing client portfolios. Additionally, I conduct ongoing reviews to ensure that all clients are provided best-in-class service and advice.”

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