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Are you prepared for your retirement?

You’ve always thought of retirement as saving for the future, but now it’s less than 10 years away. Your strategy was for the future, and now you need to start shifting to the present. What does that mean for you? What needs to change? Give us a call. We’ll go over your options.

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When you’re almost to retirement, we’ll help you consider:

  • Would you like to ramp up saving?
  • Could you retire earlier than expected?
  • Are there any unexpected expenses in these last years, like college expenses?
  • Are you going to sell any assets, like your current home, before or after retirement?
  • Would you like a lower risk investment strategy?
  • How safe or risky are your 401k investment selections, and do you need to do anything with them in preparation of retirement?
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Investing with experienced professionals is your future.

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