We’ve launched an initiative to support earthquake relief.

In the aftermath of the recent earthquakes near the southern coast of Puerto Rico, the Popular Foundation has pledged $250,000 to support humanitarian relief efforts throughout the area.

Our donation will be used to support the relief efforts of Center for Sustainable Agricultural Microenterprises and Technologies Yauco, Inc., the Network for the Rights of Children, and IDIIFCO (the Sisters of Fatima), among other organizations, which will provide first aid services and offer psychological support for the community.

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Join us as we continue supporting these ongoing efforts to rebuild Puerto Rico’s devastated southern coast and its communities.

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About Embracing Puerto Rico.

Established by the Popular Foundation, Embracing Puerto Rico was launched in 2017 as a relief initiative in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Beginning with a $1,000,000 contribution by Popular, Inc., it continues to provide relief assistance to communities on the island impacted by natural disasters.

The Popular Foundation accepts donations from customers, partners and friends. Donations are used to aid nonprofit organizations that we support in Puerto Rico. If you are interested in contributing to the Popular Foundation, please donate here.

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