Lending Solutions - Popular Private Client

Consumer Lending

Discover tailored lending solutions including home equity lines of credit, securities-based lending or other personal loans.1 Your Private Banker will introduce a full range of credit products and services, providing customized solutions that accommodate your individual needs. Ready to guide you through every step, your Private Banker will assist you with application-related matters and facilitate a review of your application with a dedicated team of senior underwriters.

Private Client Consumer Lending

Secured Portfolio Line of Credit

Gain access to financial flexibility without disrupting your long-term investment strategy. Harness the power of your portfolio through a Secured Portfolio Line of Credit.1 Whether it’s renovating your home, purchasing an investment property, expanding your business, making luxury purchases or addressing personal expenses, a Secured Portfolio Line of Credit may help you meet a variety of short- or long-term goals or needs.

Secured Portfolio Line of Credit

Commercial Lending

Our market-leading commercial banking team can help identify potential solutions that enable you to grow your business. With a strong foundation of industry knowledge and a wide array of such financing options as healthcare and middle market financing, condo/co-op association lending, and commercial real estate/multifamily lending, Popular Private Client can position your business for success. Consider securing a loan1 today with a partner that understands your needs and aligns them with your long-term strategy.

Commercial Lending for Private Client