Lending Solutions - Popular Private Client

Consumer Lending

Your Private Banker can offer customized lending solutions to meet personal goals and needs. Choose from a range of credit products and services designed for Popular private clients, such as personal loans or home equity lines of credit facilitated by the Popular Mortgage team.1 We’ll guide you through every step of your application and help facilitate reviews from a committed team of senior underwriters.

Private Client Consumer Lending

Secured Portfolio Line of Credit

Gain access to financial flexibility without disrupting your long-term investment strategy. Harness the power of your portfolio through a Secured Portfolio Line of Credit. 1 Whether it’s renovating your home, making luxury purchases or addressing personal expenses, a Secured Portfolio Line of Credit may help you meet a variety of short- or long-term goals or needs.

Secured Portfolio Line of Credit

Commercial Lending

With strategic planning and industry expertise, we can help you identify potential solutions to grow your business. Discover industry-tailored financing options, including healthcare and middle market financing, condo/co-op association lending, and commercial real estate/multifamily lending. Secure a loan1 today with a Popular Bank. Whatever your business or industry, we can position you for success.

Commercial Lending for Private Client