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Erik Guberman

Home Lending Officer

NMLS # 219901
Location(s): Manhattan, South Brooklyn
Language(s): English

(212) 417-6659
(516) 830-0196

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Whether a client is refinancing their current home, looking for a home equity line of credit or purchasing a home for the first time, Erik has been offering his expertise with clients in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn for over 18 years.

Erik is experienced with both the Condo and Coop process and has handled a myriad of different properties including luxury apartments. Over the past 10 years, he has focused on Manhattan-based properties. Erik is driven in his own words,

“By helping people accomplish. Enabling someone’s accomplishment to become a homeowner or fulfill their goals is incredibly rewarding.”

The secret to a successful outcome according to Erik is making sure home buyers build a “dream team.” The dream team should be made up of people you can trust. Your loan officer needs to be someone you can utilize to ask questions and help you really understand what you are doing throughout the entire process.

One of the biggest issues he advises clients to steer clear from is sabotaging their own success.

“Do not make other big purchases and make sure you understand home ownership can be your biggest asset and liability.”

Erik enjoys, “becoming more comfortable being uncomfortable,” that is, to really continue to grow and learn. He has a passion for real estate and has even built homes in the past. These days in addition to learning something new every day, he spends as much time as he can with his young daughter.

Among some of Erik’s accomplishments is securing a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Financial Services.


Whether you want to buy your first home or refinance your current home, our Home Lending Associates and Officers will help you weigh the advantages versus the risks, and explain rates and costs for each of our home financing options.

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