ACH Collections

Once your customers authorize you to debit their accounts directly, you just need to send us an electronic file with all the information for those pre-authorized ACH debits and we will process the transactions and deposit the funds into your account on the settlement date.


  • Save files/templates for recurring transactions.
  • Get your funds available immediately.
  • Reduce visits to the branch to cash the checks received.

Remote Deposit

This service equips your business with a small table-top check scanner and the software to image-capture check payments. You then electronically deliver those images to the bank over a secure internet connection. You don’t need to leave your business. Plus, benefit from extended deposit deadlines!


  • Extended banking hours
  • Faster access to funds
  • Online reporting of images

Wholesale Image Lockbox

Have your customers mail payments directly to a unique PO Box. This service will pick up the mail, process the payments, deposit the checks, and forward the remittance documents to you all in the same day.


  • Online check images.
  • Decreased collection times.
  • Aggressive availability schedule.
  • Save time.

Vault Services

Our armored carriers will securely deliver your deposits to our cash vaults.


  • Reduced exposure to loss or theft.
  • Automated cash and currency ordering
  • Quick conversion of deposits into collected funds 

Merchant Services

Maximize your profitability by offering more payment options to your customers including credit cards, debit cards and store value cards with a comprehensive merchant card processing solution. Benefit from competitive pricing options and first class support 24 hours a day for all your transactions. Whether you need terminals, online payment support, printers or supplies, we can help.


  • Next Business Day Funding – Get funding of your card transactions the next business day when settling your card payments to your Popular business checking account.
  • More Payment Options – Accept all major credit and debit cards including VISA®, MasterCard®, Discovery®, American Express® and Diners Club®.
  • Gift Cards – Provide branded gift cards to your customers while increasing revenues and building customer loyalty. It’s a great tool to encourage repeat business.
  • Online Reporting – Easy-to-use online reporting with MyMerchantView® service provides real time access to account information to assist in reconciling accounts, investigating and resolving charge backs, and conducting daily sales audits.